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DC Elektrik Taahhüt

About Us

SÜKA Mühendislik Müşavirlik Taahhüt ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti was founded in 1978 in İzmit, SÜKA Mühendislik has been continuing its activities under the roof of DC Group Since 2017, Süka Mühendislik has worked as the main contractor for the projects mentioned below; construction of university campus infrastructures, educational and administrative buildings, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, private and public buildings & trade centers, hotels, banks, hospital polyclinics, social facilities collective housing and co-operatives, organized industrial area, and industrial sites, beach regulations, empowering of university buildings, assembly, all kinds of internal decoration and environmental regulations.

DC Group serves as the second generation of Süka Mühendislik.

DC Elektrik progresses the electricity sector activities as one of the DC Group service areas.

DC Elektrik works as engineering, contracting, maintenance, installation and material sales activities. Our company takes its power from technology and has adopted the principle of being a pioneering company with the goal of delivering the work on time, ensuring the satisfaction of all customers by achieving superior quality in engineering and keeping quality in the foreground.

With experienced and expert staff; we provide electrical consulting, projects, medium voltage, low voltage, weak current, construction of automation and instrument systems, installation and maintenance at the industrial plants, hotels, hospitals, business centers, housing, public housing, shopping centers and industrial sites all around Turkey. Having an innovative spirit, DC Elektrik continues to provide consultancy on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, communication technologies by following technological developments closely, and continues to create the infrastructure of new companies that will lead the sector and to privilege its customers.

Our Mission

Being one of the leading companies in its sector, Süka Engineering provides fast, economical, reliable and world-class solutions to our customers with our experienced staff. We ensure that our customers use their resources actively by following the technological developments closely. The company aims to leave a better world to future generations with our responsibilities towards the environment.

Our Vision

To be known as an environmentally friendly company that respects the world and nature, with its name in engineering, consultancy, contracting, procurement, sales and after-sales maintenance in the electricity and energy sector, with the aim of good quality service and product, solution-oriented approach and the most efficient use of resources. To be a pioneer company in the sector that adds value to its customers by working with an understanding that understands the needs of our customers with our trained and experienced staff and offers them the most accurate solutions and resources in the most efficient way.